Goodyear Stream Neoprene Wellington Boots: Green: EU41

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GOODYEAR Stream Neoprene Lined Wellington Boots are the latest Performance Wellingtons from Goodyear...

The fully Waterproof Rubber Outer, lined with 3.5mm of Insulating Neoprene, ensures amazing warmth but also stretches to allow personalised fit and comfort. The elegant hunter-style shape combined with Goodyear's durable Trekking Outsole, plus a thick, shock absorbing insole, make these Wellingtons hard to beat for warmth, comfort, optimal traction, and a touch of style in all conditions!

  • Soft adjustable gusset to adapt to a perfect fit around the calf
  • 3.5mm Insulating Neoprene Lining
  • Insulating, Waterproof Rubber Outer
  • Thick, Cushioning Insole Absorbs Shock
  • Trekking Outsole Provides Optimal Traction in all Conditions

GOODYEAR - Leading the race

Goodyear Footwear is inspired by excellence in tyre innovation and manufacturing from the Goodyear brand. Our footwear is designed to incorporate the very best materials ensuring the wearer enjoys a durable product with ultimate comfort.